Know when you need to call a plumber

When to call a Plumber

Knowing when to call a plumber and when you can fix the problem yourself can save you a few bucks. A change of tap washer can be done by a novice but some situations will require a licensed plumber to attend. If a plumbing emergency happens, such as a water leak, the water can result in major damage to a house so making contact with a plumber is imperative. If your plumbing emergency occurs after hours, you may need to contact an emergency plumber, who can attend your property urgently.

Plumbing Problems that need the Assistance of a Professional Plumber

Overflowing Toilet

A typical and unpleasant problem is overflowing toilets. They can result in serious damage to walls, floors and other ground level household items. Even worse than the potential water damage is the overwhelming bad smell that is left behind which is almost impossible to remove. Turning off the water, if possible, is the most effective way to handle an overflowing toilet, then calling an emergency plumber immediately.

Clogged Drain

Clogged drains can result in overflowing water damaging the walls and floors. The drains in the home should not be close to electrical or power outlets and this situation needs to be checked carefully. If this is the case, a clogged drain will turn into a major health and safety situation. In cases like this, immediately turning off the water and electricity could prevent a serious accident.

Water Leak

Major structural damage can be the result of leaking water in the ceilings or walls. In a worst case scenario, a neglected leak could result in the cave in of the ceiling. If the leak is inside the wall itself, it should only be accessed by a qualified plumber.

Quantifying the amount of water flow from the source of the leak is sometimes challenging. This is a problem because there is no way to tell if the water might come in contact with electrical wiring inside the walls.

Even though a small leak might not appear like an emergency situation initially, they can potentially cause a great amount of damage in a very short time.

Burst Hot Water Tank

Severe property damage and a huge amount of water loss can result from a burst hot water tank, especially if the owner of the property doesn’t take immediate action to limit the damage resulting from the leak. Shutting off the water and gas flow should be the top priority if the hot water tank bursts. To do this, simply turn off the taps on the exterior of the hot water tank.

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