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What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

As homeowners, we try to be conscious about everything and anything that’s happening to the household. We see to it that everything is in top shape, because that’s what makes your home a place of comfort. And when we do find a problem, we ask ourselves, “Can I handle this myself, or should I hire a professional?” Others may panic and assume it’s an urgent repair. So what is considered a plumbing emergency? We hear you on.

The same thinking applies to your pipes and people often wonder if it’s a plumbing emergency if a pipe is overflowing?Emergency plumbing situations - Sky Blue

Here are some emergency cases when you should immediately contact your 24-hour plumber.

When the tap is broken

In the event you notice your taps are continuously dripping water even when they’re supposedly turned off, that’s a telltale sign that something is wrong. While it looks minor, you shouldn’t sweep the problem under the rug. Instead, shut off the main water supply and call a plumber.

When there are suspected burst pipes

Burst pipes are a plumbing emergency. This situation has the potential to become catastrophic very quickly. It would be extremely difficult for you to find where the ruptured part of the lines are yourself, so you should leave that to the experts before the situation blows up.

When the toilet is overflowing

There is nothing nastier than a toilet backing up and overflowing. This is usually because of clogged pipes, and while there are ways you can fix it temporarily, it’s often just a band aid solution. Have one of the local plumbers check your pipes and lines immediately.

If you notice a gas leak

Even if it’s just a small leak, consider it as a serious danger. If you smell gas, you need to report it. You’ll know it’s a possible gas problem when you hear a whistling sound near your gas appliances, and you smell a strong gas odour. Shut off the main valve of your gas system and contact a plumber.

When there’s unusual moisture on the wall

When you notice droplets of water on walls where you know your pipes are, that’s a sign that there may be a ruptured pipe. It may be a bit costly, but not as costly when it becomes even worse than it is. This can cause health problems associated with mould and could easily increase flow and become a flood. Call a plumber immediately to assess the situation.

When there is no hot water (Definite Plumbing Emergency)

For many households, hot water is a necessity, especially when the cold season comes. While it’s not as daunting as the other situations we have on this list, it is pretty much an emergency that requires expert attention.

If you experienced any of the situations listed above, it is time to seek professional assistance. Sky Blue Plumbing can help you with that, so be sure to contact us if you are having an emergency situation..

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