Toilet Overflowing

Toilet Woes: Why is my Toilet Overflowing

The toilet is arguably one of the most overused facilities in the household so when yours overflows, you may feel like your day is ruined. If you are wondering why is my toilet overflowing, then give us a call and read this while you wait for us to arrive.

Endearingly termed as the “throne,” it is a private place of comfort for everyone and deserves to be as clean as possible always. But what happens when it suddenly spews back what one puts in?

The simple thought of the odious situation is more than enough to send chills down one’s spine and could possibly be the most uncomfortable feeling ever. Aside from the given problem of the overflow, the foul stench and undesirable debris are hurl-worthy. What are the common causes of this and how should it be addressed?

Common Causes of Toilet Overflow

As far as the reasons for a clogged toilet go, the most common is what is flushed down it. While it is built for solid waste, it isn’t meant for other stuff such as toilet paper, napkins, and even the seemingly harmless hair. Any build up in the pipe joints, no matter how minimal at first, can build up and cause an obstruction, leading to the unwanted overflow.

Another unexpected factor is a vent blockage. This part of the plumbing system is commonly overlooked but can create major problems, as it creates negative pressure in the drainage, slowing down the flow of water in the process. When it happens, it makes blockages in the pipes more likely, thus the toilet problem.

There are also issues that arise from the use of septic systems, and would require maintenance. Problems within the septic tank can range from formed sediments, freezing and even incursion of tree roots. This will also slow down the drainage and will eventually lead to a nasty clog in the long run.

How does one know if the toilet is on the verge of an impending disaster? There are three common signs that could herald such an issue, and should prompt an immediate response to prevent even bigger complications.

A gurgling, sputtering toilet means that the water is fighting the pressure caused by improper ventilation in the plumbing system. Another symptom is when the toilet drains slowly, which proves a possible obstruction in the pipes. Last but not the least is a pungent sewer smell, and this ultimately spells danger.

Plumbing Solutions

Fortunately, there are many options to address such problems. Using common items like the plunger can sometimes alleviate the issue some cases, but in worst scenarios a professional plumber may be the best bet. To prevent it from happening in the future, one can also consult a plumber about installing an Overflow Relief Gully (ORG).

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the toilet functional and clean, and so learning these tidbits of information can go a long way. For everything else, call Paul at Sky Blue Plumbing, Sydney.

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