The Horror of Blocked Drains and Pipes

You’ve probably heard about various scary horror stories about burst pipes and blocked drains, causing massive damage to the property. We’ve already talked about the dangers of the said problems to your household. But do you know what would make it even terrifying? Actual pictures!

We’ve collected several photos to show you the effects of not properly maintaining your drains and pipes. These are no longer stories – they are facts! Without further ado, here are the ghastly pictures that should give you a heads up.

root breaking terracotta plumbing pipe

Tree Roots Break Terracotta Plumbing Pipes in Search of Water

Tree roots that grow near your water pipes could spell disaster, just like the photo above. It has grown into the pipe, blocking the passage and causing damage.

This is why it’s important to know the proper distance between pipes and trees. And don’t even add to the pressure on your lines by flushing things that don’t belong down the drain!

Grisly contents of a blocked drain pipe

The Grisly Contents of a Blocked Pipe

Are you wondering how much blockages could ruin your drains and pipes? It’s this much. Look at that long line of debris stuck in the pipe and imagine just how the drains could still work. With this extensive damage, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t work anymore. Say hello to large expenses and sheer hard work to salvage your lines.


broken terracotta pipe with earth and roots growing inside

Tree Roots and Debris inside a Broken Terracotta Pipe

Here’s another example of a pipe destroyed by tree roots. It doesn’t discriminate – and the fact it can penetrate junctions would mean even bigger trouble to your pipes. And think about the money you’ll have to shell out! Notice that the pipe is smashed from the tree roots growing inside and earth and other debris has ended up inside, blocking the pipe. 

new PVC pipe laid in the ground - sky blue plumbing sydney

New PVC Pipes Laid to Protect from Roots

PVC Pipes are more resistant to roots than the old fashioned terracotta pipes. Although PVC is not infallible, if they joints are connected properly and the pipes are laid by a professional, you have a better chance of keeping the roots out. Tree roots will always seek moisture, so the key is to have good quality pipes underground that don’t leak or have any weak links.

There’s a lot of work that goes into ensuring your lines are safe, from distance to the actual material of your pipes. That is why when it comes to renovation and even gardening, you need a professional plumber nearby who knows the network of your underground pipes.

Those are just a few photos that should paint a clear picture of the horror of blocked drains and pipes. If you don’t want that, take good care of your lines. But if you need professional plumbers, Sky Blue Plumbing is here to help.

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