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The Electric Eel: A Plumbing Tool You Never Knew

Cleaning your drain pipes is one of the most tedious yet important techniques used in maintaining a clean and hygienic water supply. Keeping these pipes clear avoids a call to the plumber when something’s wrong. And most plumbers still use one of the oldest yet still effective tool – the electric eel.

Calm down, we aren’t talking about the actual animals, but a plumbing tool with the same name. It’s a steel cable that goes through your lines with a cutting head on the end. This will be used to clear the debris and fix your lines, removing the blockage.

The Electric Eel’s Age-old History

It’s been a long time since the electric eel was made. If before people had to use a steel wire and a hook at the end to clear pipe debris, this plumbing tool eased the trouble when it was made in 1933. It has since been used by many plumbers, even to this day.

Is It Still The Best Choice?

There’s a lot of debate going on in terms of its usefulness in today’s advanced era. There are pros and cons to using it, though it still remains popular amongst professionals who still use it to this day.

The first issue about the electric eel is the length of time it needs to be used to get the job done. Depending on the depth and severity of the blockage, it can take hours.

Another problem about this old plumbing tool is how it cleans the pipes. It can damage older pipes, particularly the old terracotta style pipes. An experienced operator can minimise the risk.

Is the electric eel ideal for modern properties? What you need ensure is that you hire someone who specialises in using this tool. After all, any tool is only as good as the user.

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