Renovation Plumbing in Sydney: Why It's Important

Renovation Plumbing in Sydney: Why It’s Important

As a homeowner, it always gives you a sense of achievement when you renovate your home. Whether it is as simple as changing the curtain colours or rearranging furniture in your living room, it’s always rewarding to see your house as an extension of your personality. When renovating, however, you will need more than creativity.

You see, when making renovation projects, say in your bathroom or the kitchen, you will need an expert plumber to give you sound advice and do the plumbing. True, while the pipes are invisible, you’ll be surprised how it impacts however you want to renovate the house. When you are renovating, you are moving sinks and taps, so it’s essential to get a plumber who knows their way around a renovation.


Why Plumbers Are Needed During Renovation

Why Plumbers Are Needed During RenovationWhen you make huge changes to your house, it is more than a simple beautification journey. You have to take functionality into the picture as well. What’s the sense of having an impressive home when it is not working the way it should? That’s a disaster. If you get your renovation priced out beforehand, you won’t need to worry about malfunctions when the work is complete. Doing your own plumbing is a no no and here’s why:

Here are a few reasons why plumbers are needed when you decide to renovate your home:

  • Having a plumber when you start conceptualising the project helps you minimise disappointment along the way, as this professional can complete the job without compromising your pipes.
  • The pipe system, even if they are hidden, play a big role in the cleanliness of your home. When the renovation doesn’t go in line with that, it can be dangerous to your property and may even cost more in the long run.
  • The plumber will tell you if your desired change in the house goes with some local building codes, as well as make suggestions along the way so that both aesthetics and value can go hand in hand.


How Pipes Affect Your Desired Changes

A while ago, we discussed that the plumber can give you sound advice on how to combine both aesthetics and function. This time, we’ll take a little about the impact of your pipes to the budget you will need to prepare.

  • When adding a new sink, there may be additional costs in making an extension to a different area. Keep that in mind when making decisions about moving water outlets.
  • When you want to change the location of the toilet, there may be restrictions depending on the location of the waste pipe. It works via gravity, so waste will travel down your property to the road. You must adjust your renovation to suit or be prepared to fork out some extra bucks. If we can advise you beforehand, you can plan your reno with the sewerage location in mind and hopefully keep expenses to a minimum.
  • In the event you wish to remove walls or add pathways, it is important to know the location of your pipes as well. Who knows, the path that you want to open might have a hidden pipe underneath, and that will can be costly.

Given all these points, it is essential that you always consult with a professional plumber. For those within Sydney, Sky Blue Plumbing is always available to give expert service. Also Dial Before You Dig is worth a call and your local council can provide plans of your underground pipes and sewer systems.

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