great drain cleaners for your home

Great Drain Cleaners for Minor Blockages

What’s the biggest household nightmare that you have ever encountered? A disorganised living room? The kitchen sink filled with piles of dirty plates? Your bedroom filled with clutter?

All those may sound dreadful, but not as much as the thought of a clogged drain. The horrifying thought that you may not be able to use the sink, shower or toilet is nightmarish stuff.

When your drains don’t work, it just brings on a whole new level of trauma to your life and nobody needs that. For those who can’t stand that ghastly situation, the first instinct is to call a professional plumber and fix the problem. That’s good, but did you know you can put your DIY hat on in some cases to get yourself out of immediate trouble? Often a bandaid situation that might get you through the night, it’s always best to get a plumber out to look at the blockage in case it becomes more serious.

How Do You Unclog Your Drain?

Call a plumberThere are household repairs that are best left to professionals, but you can more or less manage when it comes to minor blockages. Some of the simple hacks to address your blocked pipes include:

Pouring boiling water

This trick works a treat for metal pipes. If you have PVC pipes, however, this might cause further damage. If you don’t know what type of pipes you have, always best not to try this one.

Using a plunger

Plungers  are great for dislodging minor blockages and clear your lines and these have been around since adam was a boy. If you suspect large lumps of debris, it might be a bad idea though as things can get out of hand pretty easily.

Creating your own drain cleaner

Using drain cleaners is your last line of DIY defense. You can make your own with vinegar and bicarb soda. This might tide you over for the night or for very minor blockages.

Commercial Drain Cleaners that Work

Speaking of drain cleaners, there are products out on the market that do work under certain circumstances and with minor blockages. Know the situation first, and then take your pick!

Woolworths Select Drain Cleaner Crystals

If you are looking for the most affordable yet effective drain cleaner, try Woolworths’ own crystal drain cleaner. For $6.98, you have 500 grams of clog-busting agent.

Mr. Muscle Drain Crystals Cleaner

Of course, the brand Mr. Muscle is rarely left out of the picture when it comes to addressing slow draining pipes. You can get one for $11.

Mr. Muscle Drain Cleaner Drano Gel X2 Bundle

What’s better than a Mr. Muscle Drain Cleaner? Two of them! This Drano Gel bundle gets you two of the cleaners for the discounted price of $20.

Actizyme Drain Cleaner Safe Pellet Natural

For stubborn organic wastes down your drain, try Actizyme Unblocker. For $21.49, it cleans your drains without leaving an unpleasant odour.

If All Else Fail…

If those still don’t work, it may be time to bring a professional in. Our skilled plumbers at Sky Blue Plumbing are more than capable of addressing your needs.

Great-Drain-Cleaners for Minor Blockages

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