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Create Stunning Art with Water Features

There’s this misconception that plumbers are only necessary when fixing problems with blocked pipes. But the truth is, that’s not all we can do! Did you know that plumbers are instrumental in creating focal points in different spaces that inspire awe and amazement? Want to know how this is possible?

Here’s how:

Water Feature Created by Sky Blue Plumbing

Sky Blue Plumbing are well known for creating lovely water features using unusual objects.

In the photo below, you’ll see that two fiberglass structures are constructed on top of a pond base. These statues are waterproofed, and that’s essential for the project at hand. What happens is that water runs up the two structures via a pump. Once it reaches the top, it cascades down the sides and back into the pond, and the cycle goes on.

Create Stunning Art with Water Features - Sky Blue Plumbing

The result? A mesmerising water feature!

Where Water Features are Found

Water features are eye-catching installments anywhere that are both relaxing and exciting. As such, they are usually found in places where there’s a lot of traffic.

One of which are buildings found in business districts, wherein the water features are usually seen either outside the building, inside, or both. Spas are also some of the areas that commonly have these types of masterpieces, given the fact they create an atmosphere of elegance and relaxation. Of course, shopping malls are one of the establishments that feature such pieces of art as there’s always a huge traffic of people.

While it is common in commercial spaces, it is not unheard of in private residences. Some families enjoy having water features in the garden as part of the landscape or within the living room, so this type of plumbing job is becoming more popular!

Illuminated Fountain - Sky Blue PlumbingWhy Hire Sky Blue Plumbing for your Water Feature

Water features are enchanting works of wonder, and we do this type of work often and we know a thing or two about turning your art objects into beautiful water fountains.

Don’t forget, we’ve also had a wide experience when it comes to any plumbing service. Combine that with our expertise in the field and you’re sure you are in good hands. But more than that, we pride ourselves on the positive feedback we’ve been getting from our repeat customers. We offer the same level of quality service to you.

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